Smoking Ban Government Legislation

On 1 July 2007, legislation came into effect in England which prohibited smoking within all enclosed public areas. This was in a bid to improve the health of the nation and lessen the incidence of smoking and passive smoking related illnesses. The smoking ban in England followed similar smoking bans in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The smoking ban states that all enclosed public places and workplaces in England must be smoke free including all pubs, clubs, bistros, cafes and restaurants. The ban must be adhered to and businesses or establishments who fail to comply could be liable to fines.

Advantages of the Smoking Ban for the Employer

The smoking ban is thought to be advantageous to the employer for several reasons mainly as a result of a healthier workforce.

  • Absenteeism and early retirement due to ill health is reduced enabling increased production.
  • Lower cost in cleaning and maintenance of buildings.
  • Less risk of fire or explosions caused by ignition within the work place.
  • Lower life and building insurance premiums.
  • Improved company image as a responsible and lawful concern.
  • Higher morale of employees working in a safer, healthier environment.

Advantages of the Smoking Ban for Employees

The smoking ban will improve the health of all employees whether smokers or non-smokers by providing a clean safe smoke free working environment whilst at the same time supporting people who are trying to give up smoking. It has been shown that workers are much more likely to quit within a completely smoke-free environment

Smoking Shelters, Glazed Canopies and Glass Verandas

Many businesses and establishments now provide smoking shelters, glazed canopies, or verandas to accommodate employees or customers who wish to smoke. These dry, comfortable structures are an ideal solution for people wishing to continue smoking whether in a social, leisure setting or in the workplace.
In response to this demand TWS have introduced a range of smoking shelters, glazed canopies and glass verandas featuring architecturally innovative designs and the very highest quality materials.

Smoking Shelters for Leisure & Business Premises
Smoking Shelters for Leisure & Business Premises
Smoking Shelters for Leisure & Business Premises