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High Quality, Affordable Floor Coverings, Essex


High Quality Fitted Carpets, Luxury Vinyl Flooring & Tiles, Laminate & Hard Wood Floors, Brentwood

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When it comes to choosing new flooring, carpets have always been popular as they have so many attractive benefits. They provide thermal as well as sound insulation, help to save on energy bills, feel luxurious underfoot, and are safe and non-slip. Along with all of these versatile features, the customer can still use their imagination when choosing their carpets as there are a myriad of styles and designs. One of the first noticeable things when a new carpet is laid, is how soft and quiet it is to walk across. This is a particular advantage for upstairs rooms or in flats or apartments etc,where noise can affect those on lower floors. Carpets also ensure that around10% of the heat in a room is retained as they are natural thermal insulators.

Carpets not only reduce the risk of slipping and falling, which can be especially problematic where floors become wet, but resilient and cushioned carpet fibres also reduce impact on bones and joints. In the event of a fall they are also preferable where the elderly or young children are concerned, as there is less chance of injury.

Vinyl floor coverings represent some of the best selling flooring options on the market for a number of reasons. Highly functional, they are excellent for use in dry or wet environments such as bathrooms and kitchens along with other rooms in the home, office or business premises. Luxury vinyl flooring and floor tiles can reproduce the look of materials like marble, stone or wood, while remaining low maintenance, providing added comfort and being less costly. Noise is also reduced with vinyl flooring, which is resilient and long lasting, and another plus is that spillages are not a problem and can usually be simply wiped up with a cloth or kitchen paper.

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