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Warm, Dry and Undercover When Outdoors

Professional Installation of Double Glazed Smoking Shelters, Verandas, Glazed Canopies & Sunrooms

photo(5)Since the legislation on smoking in public places, smoking shelters have become a common sight in the UK and increasingly appear in all kinds of weird and wonderful shapes and colours. Materials include wood, aluminium, metal, canvas and plastic. Some of these structures are more reminiscent of modern art with cleverly designed curves and a selection of cover options. Smoking shelters can have ash trays, seating and some feature bars or fittings to lean against. Sometimes a glazed canopy may be used in place of a large smoking shelter, or a more substantial structure can simulate a cosy indoor environment. If considering a smoking shelter for your business or organisation, bear in mind that you could need planning permission before putting your ideas into action.

There are a number of types of smoking shelter each with it’s individual advantages such as the heavy duty canvas parasol, which covers more space than separate parasol units. These portable solutions do not normally require planning permission.
Awnings are a good choice for shops and pubs, they are available in a variety of colours and designs and can be wall mounted or free standing. If they are retractable they can be rolled in when the weather is dry and bright.

A more permanent and hard wearing answer to this kind of provision, is a fixed smoking shelter in either powder coated aluminium or wood. We have a range of attractive and functional smoking shelters to suit any requirement. Whether you want a lean to or stand alone style, our smoking shelters come with UV resistant and scratch proof polycarbonate glazing for a long lasting result. Installed smoking shelters, glazed canopies and verandas are an excellent way to stay comfortable and dry while outdoors. Heating and lighting can even be added to your smoking shelter for further customer convenience.

First Choice Aluminium H&P Ltd, are specialists in high quality commercial and domestic aluminium double glazing installations. They offer smoking shelters, shop fronts, curtain walling, aluminium doors and secondary double glazing. Located in the Manchester area, First Choice Aluminium H&P Ltd are ISO accredited for customer peace of mind and have a reputation for outstanding customer service. When you take the time to seek out the experts you can be sure of an exceptional outcome.

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