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Get the Outdoor Experience with a Glazed Veranda.

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twsvIt’s a wonderful feeling when you can enjoy your garden all year round. A glazed veranda constructed and installed by qualified experts using high quality materials, will enhance any home no end, merging the outside with the inside. This type of home addition, once in place, tends to become very popular with every member of the family, as each finds their ideal use of the extra space. Whether it’s to sit and read, engage in a hobby, play, chat or entertain, glazed verandas provide a functional solution which will raise the value as well as functionality of the home.

Veranda’s can vary in their design depending on personal preference, and intended use, with choices including basic open roofed structures and enclosed conservatory styles. An open veranda comprises mainly of a roof and is supported by attractive columns or legs in either a contemporary or traditional form. Enclosed verandas provide extra shelter depending on how comprehensive they are, even representing another room. An enclosed veranda can include heating, and with efficient double glazing will keep heat in and fuel bills to a minimum. So you can view your garden in comfort whenever you wish while staying dry and warm.

If you want your veranda to catch the sunshine, make sure it is positioned appropriately, taking into consideration amount of sun and time of day, and seek professional advice about planning permission etc. Choose carefully when it comes to colour and design, so that your veranda blends seamlessly with the rest of your home. Lighting can be installed with all kinds of veranda designs, and will bring a dramatic and effective feature to your outdoor area.

Verandas have been used extensively by businesses as they satisfy a number of functions, not least protecting customers from the elements. When used in a domestic setting, a veranda can bring a stylish look and a practical edge to all kinds of properties. TWS Verandas have the perfect veranda for you, whatever your requirements, give us a call on 01702 557137.

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