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Versatility, Style and Choice with the Veranda Conservatory

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Conservatories, patio doors, glazed canopies and veranders have always played a big part in blurring the lines between home and garden, but manufacturers Ultraframe, have managed to take this one step further. It’s Veranda conservatory concept, provides a new type of lifestyle room by delivering a practical, functional and attractive solution. The roofs of these innovative additions extend further by allowing the roof glazing bars to oversail along with the glazing. This gives extensive protection from the elements, and enables the space to be used whatever the weather. Large bi fold doors and in line sliders are ideal when used with this product, meaning the home can be opened up on warm sunny days.

Due to the design of these innovative Veranda conservatories, installers and homeowners have noticed some distinct advantages. These include a much more bespoke result, as they can include one masonry side wall and one glazed wall, two masonry or two glazed. We can offer a number of roofing systems also, and features include structural support in the form of aluminium powder coated half round beams. This has a dual role, acting as an integral gutter consisting of stop end spigots to seal one end of the gutter, which are spliced onto an oak post supporting the open side of the Veranda conservatory. A choice including aluminium downpipes is available for excellent performance and high functionality.

These Veranda conservatories bring a stunning edge to any home and garden, as they come in a wide range of standard colours like sage green, fir green, cream, grey, Irish oak and black. Choices include different colours internally or externally for a perfectly co-ordinated look to match your décor.

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