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Growth Within the UK Construction Industry

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We appreciate how versatile glass is, but you also realise how strong this material is when you consider some of its uses. The recent redevelopment of a boatyard in Whisstocks, Woodbridge has brought this into focus with the construction and installation of tough, state-of-the-art glass flood gates designed to close during high tide. The boatyard has been transformed into stunning apartments adjacent to a museum and boat shed

The area will also benefit from a life size replica of the Anglo-Saxon boat found over the river at Sutton Hoo, built by the Woodbridge Riverside Trust. Commercial/retail buildings and a restaurant are planned for this development too, and will be created in the style of the original buildings, featuring an external larch façade and authentic cladding.

The project has been pretty complex leading to many head scratching moments, and has involved work being carried out between a regional rail line and the tidal river Deben. A local community group staged an operatic production at the site in 2017 called the Kings River Opera. All involved agree that despite a number of challenges presented by this major construction project, the results have exceeded expectations.

UK regional cities in general are consistently experiencing increased activity within the building industry, especially where city centre development is concerned. The Deloitte Real Estate Crane Survey UK series monitor construction activity in Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Belfast. Every one of these cities has seen growth across sectors such as residential, offices, hotels, education, retail and student housing. In fact in some cases activity has doubled in comparison to the year before. Demand is being met, and the housing shortage being addressed in many areas, as reports state that almost 17,000 residential units are under construction in these locations.

This is good news for all companies who offer high quality construction services of varying types such as SJP Building Services, Wigan.

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6 Ways to Enhance your Home

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Making a home beautiful and individual, is not as difficult as you might imagine, with an overall feel of uncomplicated simplicity and a few carefully chosen additions. Whatever your taste, luxurious surroundings will always impress, but this look doesn’t have to cost the earth. Interior designers have shared a few tips and tricks over the years that will guide homeowners towards a classy outcome.

1. Mouldings

Most designers agree that the key is in the detail, which is why things like crown mouldings work so well. Bringing the ceiling and walls together this kind of trim makes a room appear properly finished. It doesn’t need to be expensive either, as plastic paintable versions look like the real deal! Other types of mouldings can be applied to different areas of the home and will provide a unique edge.

2. Colours

When planning to paint or paper, remember that certain colours promote a sense of glamour and elegance whether it’s bold and dynamic or soft and calming. Muted patterns in pale shades look great on walls and there are some stunning wallpaper designs these days.

3. Pillows and Cushions

These items scattered here and there throughout your home, will enhance the look and comfort of your space and give your rooms a cosy, plush layered feel. They can also represent colours picked out of curtains etc.

4. Accessorise

A smattering of vases, mirrors, candle holders and ornaments in gold, silver or metal colours will add a touch of je ne sais quoi to your rooms.

5. Don’t Stint

Pay for high quality when it comes to furniture items like sofas and chairs, as cheaper versions tend to look cheap and last a shorter amount of time. Perhaps you can find a high end second hand sofa that can be reupholstered for a fraction of the real cost.

6. Flooring

This is an important aspect if you want to make an impression, and you can find exquisite carpets that are durable and stain resistant like the Jacaranda range available at Harley Carpets.

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