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Fast Action Roller Shutter Doors

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Roller shutter doors are perfect in an industrial setting for a number of reasons, and not just for their smart good looks! They are efficient, functional, coat effective, secure and insulating, and they are an excellent choice for any business. This is because:-

Secure Solution – Roller shutter doors are the most frequently chosen option when a safe and secure solution is needed. They open and close quickly delivering uncompromising protection when required. Their tough steel composition makes them extremely difficult to break through bringing additional peace of mind.

Affordable and Cost Efficient – This type of door offers a cost effective solution, allowing businesses to save money in a variety of ways. They are highly secure, providing a steel curtain which opens and closes quickly, keeping disruption to a minimum. Roller shutter doors are not heavy or bulky, and have a sleek operation. They provide an impressive amount of insulation too, saving money on fuel bills.

Fire Resistant – These roller doors are exceptionally durable and fire resistant, meaning they are an ideal choice in environments such as commercial kitchens. With their fast action they can seal off a fire quickly and safely, even helping to contain a blaze and stop it spreading to other parts of the building.

Appearance – Expertly designed and well made, roller shutter doors can be tailored to whatever colour you desire thanks to a wide range of attractive powder coated RAL colours. An entrance area that looks professional is an asset to any business.

Smooth, Fast Operation – One of their biggest advantages is in the speed of their performance. They can be manual or powered by a choice of motors for fast results, and motorised versions are a lot easier on the back!

Versatile – These doors have traditionally been seen in industrial settings or for applications like schools, doctors surgeries, changing rooms, shops, offices and car parks either internally or externally. However, they are also increasingly seen in the domestic sector, as they provide a smart and highly secure solution.

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Buildings in Need of TLC

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The fate of some listed buildings is to sit unused while slowly falling into disrepair and becoming little more than an eyesore. Their upkeep can be pretty costly, and typical problems with these older properties may include damp, floods due to leaking pipes, pests, rotting wooden frames and features, subsidence and crumbling plasterwork. Any repairs are tricky and usually require sourcing the original materials or their expensive alternatives. This takes the shine off what could be a beautiful, historic and irreplaceable reminder of the past.

Sometimes a charity or perhaps a company will step in and offer to restore the building, turning it into a busy and functional place once again. This is the case with a disused cinema building in Grays, Essex, which is set to become a Wetherspoons. The successful pub chain purchased the Grade 11 listed structure in 2015, although concerns were recently expressed as there has been no action as yet.

The local Gazette reported that the pub chain has confirmed it’s intentions to restore the building and open on the site. The company originally promised an investment of £3 million in its restoration, and Gazette readers were wondering if this was still the case. There were also fears that Historic England could be at the bottom of the hold up, but a spokesperson said “We have been involved in detailed, constructive pre-application discussions with the current owner of the Grade II* listed old State Cinema in Grays.“We expect a planning application for the building’s conversion to be submitted in the near future. We are keen to see the building brought back into use and will continue to work closely with all parties involved to secure its future.”

There is a definite move these days towards restoration and renovation rather than demolition wherever possible. This is a responsible and sustainable approach, favoured by many, especially those who wish to preserve the UK’s heritage.

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Starting your own Business

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If there is something you love doing like decorating, DIY, gardening, photography or organising events and parties, have you ever thought it turning it into a little money maker? Lots of people consider the exciting prospect of starting up their own business, but then often dismiss it as fantasy.

But you shouldn’t be put off by perceived barriers or thoughts of potential risks. In 2017, one in ten Brits intended to start their own business within the year, and various studies have indicated that the UK is becoming a nation of entrepreneurs. As one of the main reasons things don’t work out is failure to maintain a healthy cash flow, a detailed business plan along with monitoring your finances is crucial.

With so many people wishing to be their own boss, what are the important things to think about before getting down to the real nitty gritty. Have a go at constructing a business plan and writing it all down, with an emphasis on keeping costs low, and a view to testing your ideas first.

  1. Define your idea – what will be the nature of your business
  2. Decide on your goals – basically what do you want to achieve
  3. Do your research – is there a need for your product or service
  4. Outline your plan – step by step how do you plan to achieve your objectives
  5. Get it down – write out your ideas and proposals for starting and running your businesses

These simple tasks will help you to concentrate on the desired results and how to get them, of course it also helps if you have something people want to buy in the form of a product or service. For instance anybody can take a picture, but it takes a certain artistic eye to turn it into a work of art that people will pay for and hang in their home. John S Culwick is a chartered accountant, qualified to advise on all aspects of business, including start ups, finance, tax and VAT, call to talk about starting and running your own business on 01268 680702.

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Upgrade your Home with a Glazed Veranda

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Let’s face it, if you have a nice garden, and all the flowers are blooming you want to see it, and what better way than from the comfort of a professionally built veranda. These home additions are always ‘in vogue’, and are not only highly functional, attractive and practical, but will add value to your home should you eventually wish to sell. Glass verandas allow you to get the benefit of your garden all year round from gloriously warm summer to the cooler months. Other advantages of these versatile structures include:-

  • Verandas give more room and extend the size of your home
  • They do not block light from your home
  • You can heat and light them
  • Verandas do not require much, if any, maintenance
  • Outdoor parties are possible all year round
  • You can watch TV etc outdoors
  • They protect patio or garden furniture
  • Verandas allow plants and flowers to thrive under cover
  • They also double as smoking shelters

With this kind of garden upgrade you may even find you have less inclination to go away as much as you can get more enjoyment from your garden, meaning you save money. Entertaining outdoors is more fun with clear views of the garden, whether there is threat of rain or not. Or you can simply relax, watch the birds and bees, and feel at one with nature. This gives an air of peace and contentment which is medically proven to reduce anxiety and promote a feeling of well-being.

To enhance your garden in Southend for extra enjoyment, you can hire a range of high quality gardening and landscaping tools and equipment like lawn mowers, turf cutters, cultivators, strimmers, wood chippers and post borers to name just a few. After the hard work you can sit back with your tipple of choice and take in your new surroundings.

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High Quality Glazing Products for your Home and Business

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This is the perfect time of year to start thinking about getting your garden area ready for summer by rearranging plants and bushes, checking if furniture needs replacing, and painting or treating walls and fences. Home enhancing additions like sheds, gazebos are also considerations, and will prove extremely useful throughout the changing seasons whatever size or shape your garden is.

Many of our projects here at TWS Verandas now include the design and installation of high quality smoking shelters, as well as verandas, glazed canopies and sunrooms. We offer custom manufactured glazed products using the latest materials, designs and technology for perfect results. Our main aim is to provide our customers with a high quality product, professionally constructed and expertly installed if desired. We can do this thanks to using quality assured materials and by giving a vast choice of colours and glaze tints.

We have supplied a range of structures for commercial customers including smoking shelters, which are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. Walkways between buildings are also a popular addition keeping staff comfortable not to mention dry! Providing this type of multifunctional facility enforces the fact that looking after the needs of employees is important to these companies.

These additions are good for business in a lot of cases too, especially with regards to glazed canopies above shop windows. These give some protection to the customer as well as the building from the elements, as they admire the goods on display.

Our verandas and sunrooms bring in lots of great feedback, as customers talk about ‘increased value of their home’, ‘getting more use out of their garden’, ‘being brighter than a conservatory or extension’ and ‘bringing the garden indoors’.

Customers can opt for installation by our qualified engineers, or we can simply supply the products in places like Romford, Wickford, Southend, Leigh on Sea and Billericay.

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Growth Within the UK Construction Industry

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We appreciate how versatile glass is, but you also realise how strong this material is when you consider some of its uses. The recent redevelopment of a boatyard in Whisstocks, Woodbridge has brought this into focus with the construction and installation of tough, state-of-the-art glass flood gates designed to close during high tide. The boatyard has been transformed into stunning apartments adjacent to a museum and boat shed

The area will also benefit from a life size replica of the Anglo-Saxon boat found over the river at Sutton Hoo, built by the Woodbridge Riverside Trust. Commercial/retail buildings and a restaurant are planned for this development too, and will be created in the style of the original buildings, featuring an external larch façade and authentic cladding.

The project has been pretty complex leading to many head scratching moments, and has involved work being carried out between a regional rail line and the tidal river Deben. A local community group staged an operatic production at the site in 2017 called the Kings River Opera. All involved agree that despite a number of challenges presented by this major construction project, the results have exceeded expectations.

UK regional cities in general are consistently experiencing increased activity within the building industry, especially where city centre development is concerned. The Deloitte Real Estate Crane Survey UK series monitor construction activity in Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Belfast. Every one of these cities has seen growth across sectors such as residential, offices, hotels, education, retail and student housing. In fact in some cases activity has doubled in comparison to the year before. Demand is being met, and the housing shortage being addressed in many areas, as reports state that almost 17,000 residential units are under construction in these locations.

This is good news for all companies who offer high quality construction services of varying types such as SJP Building Services, Wigan.

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6 Ways to Enhance your Home

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Making a home beautiful and individual, is not as difficult as you might imagine, with an overall feel of uncomplicated simplicity and a few carefully chosen additions. Whatever your taste, luxurious surroundings will always impress, but this look doesn’t have to cost the earth. Interior designers have shared a few tips and tricks over the years that will guide homeowners towards a classy outcome.

1. Mouldings

Most designers agree that the key is in the detail, which is why things like crown mouldings work so well. Bringing the ceiling and walls together this kind of trim makes a room appear properly finished. It doesn’t need to be expensive either, as plastic paintable versions look like the real deal! Other types of mouldings can be applied to different areas of the home and will provide a unique edge.

2. Colours

When planning to paint or paper, remember that certain colours promote a sense of glamour and elegance whether it’s bold and dynamic or soft and calming. Muted patterns in pale shades look great on walls and there are some stunning wallpaper designs these days.

3. Pillows and Cushions

These items scattered here and there throughout your home, will enhance the look and comfort of your space and give your rooms a cosy, plush layered feel. They can also represent colours picked out of curtains etc.

4. Accessorise

A smattering of vases, mirrors, candle holders and ornaments in gold, silver or metal colours will add a touch of je ne sais quoi to your rooms.

5. Don’t Stint

Pay for high quality when it comes to furniture items like sofas and chairs, as cheaper versions tend to look cheap and last a shorter amount of time. Perhaps you can find a high end second hand sofa that can be reupholstered for a fraction of the real cost.

6. Flooring

This is an important aspect if you want to make an impression, and you can find exquisite carpets that are durable and stain resistant like the Jacaranda range available at Harley Carpets.

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Versatility, Style and Choice with the Veranda Conservatory

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Conservatories, patio doors, glazed canopies and veranders have always played a big part in blurring the lines between home and garden, but manufacturers Ultraframe, have managed to take this one step further. It’s Veranda conservatory concept, provides a new type of lifestyle room by delivering a practical, functional and attractive solution. The roofs of these innovative additions extend further by allowing the roof glazing bars to oversail along with the glazing. This gives extensive protection from the elements, and enables the space to be used whatever the weather. Large bi fold doors and in line sliders are ideal when used with this product, meaning the home can be opened up on warm sunny days.

Due to the design of these innovative Veranda conservatories, installers and homeowners have noticed some distinct advantages. These include a much more bespoke result, as they can include one masonry side wall and one glazed wall, two masonry or two glazed. We can offer a number of roofing systems also, and features include structural support in the form of aluminium powder coated half round beams. This has a dual role, acting as an integral gutter consisting of stop end spigots to seal one end of the gutter, which are spliced onto an oak post supporting the open side of the Veranda conservatory. A choice including aluminium downpipes is available for excellent performance and high functionality.

These Veranda conservatories bring a stunning edge to any home and garden, as they come in a wide range of standard colours like sage green, fir green, cream, grey, Irish oak and black. Choices include different colours internally or externally for a perfectly co-ordinated look to match your décor.

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Looking Forward to Warmer Days

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One of the best ways to give your home a stylish edge, with the advantage of enjoying your garden whatever the weather, is to add a glazed veranda. The benefits of a glazed veranda are manifold, even when the conditions outside are cold and wet or even icy. With one of these home additions, the area at the rear of the home will remain safe and comfortable, with no risk of slipping on wet surfaces or ice. No more stepping outside onto an ice rink!

The inside will remain frost free, and available for gatherings, relaxing and or somewhere sheltered to smoke. They can be decorated with plants, rugs, furniture and effective lighting, and can also be heated for optimum functionality. The wonders of a snow covered or frosted garden can be experienced from indoors, without frozen toes or a blue nose. You will gain an extra room for use by all the family to read, play, work or just enjoy, as well as adding value to your property. Believe it or not many people like the novelty of barbecuing their Christmas dinner, and a veranda is an ideal place for this.

Of course the most suitable time of year for verandas is the spring and summer, allowing you to appreciate the outdoors and watch the seasonal changes occurring. In the warm weather the doors can be opened wide providing unlimited access to the sights, sounds and smells of the garden. The earlier your veranda is installed, the better, so that everything is in place by the time spring arrives.

The pleasure and health benefits gained from gardens is well documented, and widely accepted, demonstrated by the emergence of new garden villages throughout the UK. These villages form part of a scheme which includes garden towns and garden cities. The word ‘garden’ indicates a heightened living experience for those who love being at one with nature. The housing crisis is set to be alleviated somewhat, and there are also advantages for building contractors within the UK with this type of government funded scheme.

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Get the Outdoor Experience with a Glazed Veranda.

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twsvIt’s a wonderful feeling when you can enjoy your garden all year round. A glazed veranda constructed and installed by qualified experts using high quality materials, will enhance any home no end, merging the outside with the inside. This type of home addition, once in place, tends to become very popular with every member of the family, as each finds their ideal use of the extra space. Whether it’s to sit and read, engage in a hobby, play, chat or entertain, glazed verandas provide a functional solution which will raise the value as well as functionality of the home.

Veranda’s can vary in their design depending on personal preference, and intended use, with choices including basic open roofed structures and enclosed conservatory styles. An open veranda comprises mainly of a roof and is supported by attractive columns or legs in either a contemporary or traditional form. Enclosed verandas provide extra shelter depending on how comprehensive they are, even representing another room. An enclosed veranda can include heating, and with efficient double glazing will keep heat in and fuel bills to a minimum. So you can view your garden in comfort whenever you wish while staying dry and warm.

If you want your veranda to catch the sunshine, make sure it is positioned appropriately, taking into consideration amount of sun and time of day, and seek professional advice about planning permission etc. Choose carefully when it comes to colour and design, so that your veranda blends seamlessly with the rest of your home. Lighting can be installed with all kinds of veranda designs, and will bring a dramatic and effective feature to your outdoor area.

Verandas have been used extensively by businesses as they satisfy a number of functions, not least protecting customers from the elements. When used in a domestic setting, a veranda can bring a stylish look and a practical edge to all kinds of properties. TWS Verandas have the perfect veranda for you, whatever your requirements, give us a call on 01702 557137.

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