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Warm, Dry and Undercover When Outdoors

Professional Installation of Double Glazed Smoking Shelters, Verandas, Glazed Canopies & Sunrooms

photo(5)Since the legislation on smoking in public places, smoking shelters have become a common sight in the UK and increasingly appear in all kinds of weird and wonderful shapes and colours. Materials include wood, aluminium, metal, canvas and plastic. Some of these structures are more reminiscent of modern art with cleverly designed curves and a selection of cover options. Smoking shelters can have ash trays, seating and some feature bars or fittings to lean against. Sometimes a glazed canopy may be used in place of a large smoking shelter, or a more substantial structure can simulate a cosy indoor environment. If considering a smoking shelter for your business or organisation, bear in mind that you could need planning permission before putting your ideas into action.

There are a number of types of smoking shelter each with it’s individual advantages such as the heavy duty canvas parasol, which covers more space than separate parasol units. These portable solutions do not normally require planning permission.
Awnings are a good choice for shops and pubs, they are available in a variety of colours and designs and can be wall mounted or free standing. If they are retractable they can be rolled in when the weather is dry and bright.

A more permanent and hard wearing answer to this kind of provision, is a fixed smoking shelter in either powder coated aluminium or wood. We have a range of attractive and functional smoking shelters to suit any requirement. Whether you want a lean to or stand alone style, our smoking shelters come with UV resistant and scratch proof polycarbonate glazing for a long lasting result. Installed smoking shelters, glazed canopies and verandas are an excellent way to stay comfortable and dry while outdoors. Heating and lighting can even be added to your smoking shelter for further customer convenience.

First Choice Aluminium H&P Ltd, are specialists in high quality commercial and domestic aluminium double glazing installations. They offer smoking shelters, shop fronts, curtain walling, aluminium doors and secondary double glazing. Located in the Manchester area, First Choice Aluminium H&P Ltd are ISO accredited for customer peace of mind and have a reputation for outstanding customer service. When you take the time to seek out the experts you can be sure of an exceptional outcome.

Smoking Shelters for Leisure or Business, Traditional, Flat Roofed or Curved Roof Smoking Shelters

Experience Alfresco Living All Year Round

Domestic & Commercial Verandas, Glazed Canopies, Smoking Shelters Supply or Installation Only, Essex


verandaWho wouldn’t want extra living space, increased versatility, higher value and added attractiveness for their home? According to the Royal Institute of British Architects there is a nationwide trend for building smaller properties in recent years, yet people still want the luxury of a larger living area. There are however only a limited number of ways in which to accomplish this, such as installation of an extension or conversion. While these major home improvements are certainly effective, they are pretty expensive, disruptive, time consuming and inconvenient with regards to planning permission etc.

There is an extremely practical solution which can extend not only the amount of available space, but the length of time you can enjoy your garden or outdoor area. A veranda or glazed canopy will bring style and functionality to your home, giving protection from the elements in the colder months and a cool, open area when its hot. A veranda allows free unrestricted movement, while at the same time providing shelter from rain, hail or snow. This means that even when the weather is bitterly cold or wet, the space underneath a veranda can still be used, perhaps to complete DIY tasks, or even to observe the pleasurable side of nature in autumn, winter or spring. You can really appreciate the changing colours of the garden and the wildlife that visits, without feeling exposed to the wind and rain.

These home enhancing structures enable you to hold your barbecues outdoors whatever the weather, so no worries or cancelled plans. The fun and entertainment carries on even when it clouds over and the rain starts! Actually there is nothing nicer than the smell of a garden in the rain, especially when you and your family are cosy, dry and comfortable. You can even enjoy good views of the rainbow from a sunroom once the shower has passed.

Verandas, glazed canopies, smoking shelters and sunrooms will give you the perfect outdoor-indoor experience with all of the comforts of being in an enclosed or covered space. Whichever style of glazed veranda or sunroom appeals to you TWS Verandas can provide some of the highest quality products on the market, and also offer expert installation.
Call us on 01702 557137

Sheltered Weather Protection, Sunrooms, Smoking Ban, Stylish, Durable Structures, Alfresco Living, Southend On Sea

Secure your Home or Business with a Highly Affordable Solution

Heavy Duty Roller Shutters & Aluminium Door & Window Specialists, Commercial & Domestic Customers

rsRoller shutters have long been used as a highly secure and cost effective solution to protecting any property, particularly in the commercial and industrial sector. They have a complex coil mechanism, and are constructed from 75mm galvanised steel, reliably securing doors and windows.

Traditionally used within commercial and retail settings, this type of product is being increasingly used for domestic applications. Lighter versions are popular for this type of private use, allowing home-owners to spend time away from home either on holiday or business trips, happy in the knowledge that not many intruders will tackle a roller shutter! Some people opt to fit roller shutters to the rear of the building as this is often out of sight and consequently seen as more vulnerable. When not in use roller shutters can be rolled up discreetly giving a neat and tidy appearance.

Business owners can also leave their property knowing that store contents are safe and secure. Outdoor retail areas are sometimes subject to damage and vandalism especially when situated within a town centre. A night out on the town for some often includes breaking the odd window or vandalising properties in other ways. This can be stressful for business owners, not to mention costly and inconvenient. The worst anybody can do to a robust roller shutter is spray on some graffiti, this will not even be seen by customers once the shutters are rolled up, and the problem can be removed when there is time.

An often overlooked factor is that roller shutters even offer additional advantages such as an insulation boosting barrier keeping fuel costs down a little. This extra layer helps to prevent heat loss in the winter and reduces the need for air conditioning in the summer. Roller shutters also provide privacy where desired, especially if stores have large revealing windows. Roller shutter doors generally put the home, organisation or business owner in control with regards security, noise reduction and amount of UV rays entering the building.

Our digital promotion partners Industrial Door Company, offer superior specification roller shutter doors and windows for domestic or commercial customers. They can also provide a vast range of products such as automatic entrance doors, traffic doors, steel security doors and security grills. They are approved City Building & Electrical Services [CBES] contractors with clients like Asda, Makro and Scotmid [Coop subsidiary]. Industrial Door Company, can be contacted on 0161 736 6484 and will be happy to advise on your security needs.

Automatic Entrance Doors, Traffic Doors, Fast Action Doors, Sectional Doors, Steel Security Doors & Grills, Aluminium Windows & Doors

Staying Ahead with your Business Finances


Chartered Accountant offering Tax, Bookkeeping, Accounts, Vat, Business Start-Up Help & Support, Professional Financial Advice, Essex

culRunning your own business presents lots of challenges as well as rewards, and many business owners are tempted to spend every waking hour in the office either literally or metaphorically. While its good to be committed, its a mistake to overstretch yourself and you should make sure you take time to recharge your batteries occasionally. A piece of advice worth noting is often given regarding outsourcing wherever possible. This is especially helpful where finance is concerned, as this area is a major drain on time and a distraction from actually getting other business done like dealing with customers. One of the main aspects of your business is finance, and organisation and guidance is crucial here if your business is to succeed. Even where company owners feel capable of handling this side of their business, using a qualified and experienced professional is the way to go in order to avoid mistakes and unforeseen expense.

Some companies employ their own in-house bookkeepers, and while this can have some slight advantages, there are also negative factors such as the cost of an extra member of staff. Another significant consideration is lost productivity because of things like employee absence due to illness.

The way to go here is by outsourcing these services through a reputable and reliable company like our web promotion partners, John S Culwick [Chartered Accountant]. Every financial aspect of your business can be covered by specialists in the field. At John S Culwick, you will find a carefully tailored and personal service aimed at fulfilling your specific company needs. When you outsource your bookkeeping or other financial processes, you will benefit from the services of financial experts, using the very latest software and technology. This ensures greater accuracy and less risk of mistakes or oversights.

John S Culwick are experts in all financial areas including taxation, bookkeeping, accounting and business start up. They offer help and advice on accountancy, tax returns, year end accounts and offer financial director services specially designed for companies and self employed individuals.

To find out more call 01268 680702


Professional Financial Advice, Accountancy, Personal & Corporate Tax, Payroll Bureau Service, & Start-Up for Companies or Self Employed Individuals

High Quality, Affordable Floor Coverings, Essex


High Quality Fitted Carpets, Luxury Vinyl Flooring & Tiles, Laminate & Hard Wood Floors, Brentwood

tws v blog


When it comes to choosing new flooring, carpets have always been popular as they have so many attractive benefits. They provide thermal as well as sound insulation, help to save on energy bills, feel luxurious underfoot, and are safe and non-slip. Along with all of these versatile features, the customer can still use their imagination when choosing their carpets as there are a myriad of styles and designs. One of the first noticeable things when a new carpet is laid, is how soft and quiet it is to walk across. This is a particular advantage for upstairs rooms or in flats or apartments etc,where noise can affect those on lower floors. Carpets also ensure that around10% of the heat in a room is retained as they are natural thermal insulators.

Carpets not only reduce the risk of slipping and falling, which can be especially problematic where floors become wet, but resilient and cushioned carpet fibres also reduce impact on bones and joints. In the event of a fall they are also preferable where the elderly or young children are concerned, as there is less chance of injury.

Vinyl floor coverings represent some of the best selling flooring options on the market for a number of reasons. Highly functional, they are excellent for use in dry or wet environments such as bathrooms and kitchens along with other rooms in the home, office or business premises. Luxury vinyl flooring and floor tiles can reproduce the look of materials like marble, stone or wood, while remaining low maintenance, providing added comfort and being less costly. Noise is also reduced with vinyl flooring, which is resilient and long lasting, and another plus is that spillages are not a problem and can usually be simply wiped up with a cloth or kitchen paper.

Our web promotion partners Harley Carpets, based in Brentwood, Essex, are specialists in the supply of high quality carpets, vinyl flooring, laminate and hard wood floors. Customers can expect great service at Harley, along with a vast range of flooring options at competitive prices. Harley carpets offer expert advice on the best flooring choice for your needs, and a FREE measuring and estimating service.

Call Harley Carpets on 01277 224015


Vast Range of Floor Coverings Plus Expert Advice & FREE Measuring & Estimating Service

Building Contractors you can trust

Home Improvement Experts, Renovations, Refurbishments, Design & Build, Kitchen & Bathroom Installations

sjpAccording to a survey carried out by the Thompson Directory, 94% of their users would prefer to contract a company who are members of a recognised trade association. Choosing a building company by using this criteria is an extremely wise step, as it usually ensures the services of a reputable and skilled builder. Before a company can join associations like the Guild of Master Craftsmen, they will undergo a process whereby they are required to demonstrate the quality of their work, level of experience and dedication to customer satisfaction.

The Guild of Master Craftsmen represent over 400 trades and professions, who have undergone scrutiny and assessments to ascertain their competence. Once these rigorous procedures have been fulfilled, the company in question will have earned the right to call themselves master craftsmen. The aims and objectives of the Guild must be maintained and a process of continual monitoring is in place to confirm that this is the case. Customers can benefit in several ways including the fact that in the event of a dispute, there is a tried and tested conciliation procedure available. The chance of experiencing a problem with a company who are members of associations like this, is significantly reduced and customers can be assured of integrity, high standards and commitment.

Our web promotion partners SJP Building Services, Wigan are members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen, and specialists in all aspects of building work. They provide a comprehensive range of professional services such as design and build, renovation, refurbishment, extensions, conversions, glazing, roofing, plumbing, electrical, interior design and landscaping. They are Trust Mark registered builders, and NICEIC approved contractors and installers. In addition to this, SJP Building Services are FENSA registered and use only Gas Safe registered heating engineers.

Whatever home improvement work you are considering, contact the experts at SJP Building Services, Wigan, on 01942 704662 or 07855 259927.

Qualified Electricians, Plumbers, Joiners, Plasterers, Bricklayers, Glaziers, Roofers & Heating Engineers, Wigan.

Multifunctional Verandas, Sunrooms, Smoking Shelters & Glass Canopies

Manufacture, Supply & Installation of Smoking Shelters, Verandas, Glass Canopies, Leigh on Sea, Essex

twsAs summer fast approaches, many peoples thoughts turn to home enhancements such as glass verandas, sunrooms and canopies. These additions not only provide endless hours of enjoyment for family and friends, but will increase the value of the property. These impressive multifunctional structures are incredibly popular in the domestic or commercial setting for a number of reasons, apart from their stylish good looks.

Protection from the Elements

A veranda or canopy attached to the house will enable continued use of the garden, without being at the mercy of the British weather! You can have the pleasure of being outdoors while staying warm and dry, and open ended verandas offer all of the benefits of fresh air with overhead protection. When manufactured using high performance, robust materials verandas and canopies will bring many years of satisfaction, allowing you to get the most from your garden. It is possible to install lighting and heating in these buildings, meaning year round barbecues, parties and even Christmas celebrations can all take place in your sunroom or veranda.


As the realisation hits home that there is now extra space, your new veranda, canopy or sunroom will soon become a major feature of your home. An added area is always welcome within any house, and each member of the household will find their own particular use for it. Whether its a place to quietly settle down with a book and a coffee, some music and a comfy chair or a friend and a glass of wine. It can become a temporary study, a nursery or a place to nurture your prize orchids! Your veranda supplier should discuss with you every feature and specification resulting in a fully tailored solution.


In addition to verandas and canopies in a domestic environment, they address a variety of issues within commercial premises. Outside shelters and covers have long been used by shops and restaurants for their professional appearance and practicality. In more recent years smoking shelters have popped up in many corners of the UK, as the indoor smoking ban has taken hold. This has helped to maintain continued custom in places that may have experienced a decline in business. They are generally easily added to buildings with minimum disruption.

TWS Shelters & Verandas have a vast amount of experience and knowledge within the double glazing and conservatory industry. We use state of the art manufacturing technology to produce high performance smoking shelters, verandas, awnings, sunrooms and glass canopies.

We are specialists in all aspects of double glazing for home or business so give us a call on 01702 557137.

Domestic & Commercial Glass Canopies, Verandas, Awnings & Smoking Shelters Installation or Supply Only

Get the Celebrity Experience with Kylie Minogue Bedding

Kylie Minogue Bedding, Exquisite Range of Velvet & Satin Bed Linen, Cushions, Curtains & Soft Furnishings

kylie cushionsAward winning pop icon Kylie Minogue has surprised and delighted us again and again with her many talents and a unique ability to reinvent herself. Whether its acting, singing, dancing, song writing, perfume production or home couture design, Kylie seems to excel in everything she tries.

She has made an outstanding contribution to the international music industry, and record breaking accolades include, ‘most played female artist status on UK radio, and in 1991, the only act in the history of British pop music at that time to see their first 13 releases all go Top 10’.

Her achievements are seemingly endless, with several GRAMMY’S, NME, ARIA Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards, German Bambi Awards, Brit Awards, and a host of others.

This diminutive star has experienced worldwide record sales of more than 68 million, has 46 consecutive chart-topping U.K. hits and has completed many successful sell out live tours. Kylie has acquired an extreme amount of credibility within her music and performances, and has frequently assisted in the output of her work. Song and lyric writing and directing on certain music videos has allowed her some additional artistic freedom.

Kylie Minogue has always been a versatile and enigmatic artiste, able to switch between persona’s like girl next door, romantic heroine and seductress. However she has reinvented herself, she has managed to consistently remain true to the Kylie ‘DNA’. She joined the panel of judges on the TV singing competition show The Voice 2014, where viewers enjoyed watching her warm, cheerful and supportive nature. The show saw an incredible rise in ratings, amounting to an increase of around 2 million and equalling X-Factor viewing figures. Although Kylie has had a lot of fun working on the show, she has announced that she is unable to return for the next series due to tour commitments.

In 2013, Kylie signed a new management deal with Jay Z’S Roc Nation, artistes like Rihanna, J Cole and Shakira are also managed by Roc Nation. This has given her work a spectacular boost, interesting opportunities and an exciting fresh approach. Kylie’s recently released album ‘Kiss Me Once’ is yet another example of the irresistible appeal of Kylie Minogue, with superb tracks like the uplifting, ‘Into The Blue’, which was launched in January 2014.

sika_2Kylie Minogue is the epitome of glamour and charm, characteristics which are embedded in all she does whether its entertaining, writing, producing perfumes or designing soft furnishings and bedding. Her bedding collections are a perfect way to bring some essential Kylie magic into your home with style and beauty. Seductive and sumptuous bed linen in satin and velvet will transform any bedroom, bringing it celebrity status, like the Leopard Silver and Leopard Ivory, Sika, Adira and Theon. giving luxury and chic, with sequinned, intricately detailed animal print in breathtaking shades. Pristine, comfortable and stunning bedding collections such as the Karissa, Felicity and Lucette will tempt you, or why not languish in the captivating mystery that is Isla, Cassia or Talise bedding. Cushions embellished with diamanté crystals, sequins and pearls compliment these bedding ranges, and deliciously draped matching curtains are all part of At Home Kylie Minogue Bedding. Our web promotion partners, Angelina’s Curtains and Bedding, are specialist suppliers of Kylie Minogue Bedding and are happy to offer this wonderful collection at highly competitive prices.

To find out more, call Angelina’s Bedding on 01485 571147

Kylie Minogue bedding, Luxury Home Couture, Competitive Prices, FREE Delivery to Most of mainland UK