Fast Action Roller Shutter Doors

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Roller shutter doors are perfect in an industrial setting for a number of reasons, and not just for their smart good looks! They are efficient, functional, coat effective, secure and insulating, and they are an excellent choice for any business. This is because:-

Secure Solution – Roller shutter doors are the most frequently chosen option when a safe and secure solution is needed. They open and close quickly delivering uncompromising protection when required. Their tough steel composition makes them extremely difficult to break through bringing additional peace of mind.

Affordable and Cost Efficient – This type of door offers a cost effective solution, allowing businesses to save money in a variety of ways. They are highly secure, providing a steel curtain which opens and closes quickly, keeping disruption to a minimum. Roller shutter doors are not heavy or bulky, and have a sleek operation. They provide an impressive amount of insulation too, saving money on fuel bills.

Fire Resistant – These roller doors are exceptionally durable and fire resistant, meaning they are an ideal choice in environments such as commercial kitchens. With their fast action they can seal off a fire quickly and safely, even helping to contain a blaze and stop it spreading to other parts of the building.

Appearance – Expertly designed and well made, roller shutter doors can be tailored to whatever colour you desire thanks to a wide range of attractive powder coated RAL colours. An entrance area that looks professional is an asset to any business.

Smooth, Fast Operation – One of their biggest advantages is in the speed of their performance. They can be manual or powered by a choice of motors for fast results, and motorised versions are a lot easier on the back!

Versatile – These doors have traditionally been seen in industrial settings or for applications like schools, doctors surgeries, changing rooms, shops, offices and car parks either internally or externally. However, they are also increasingly seen in the domestic sector, as they provide a smart and highly secure solution.

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