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Looking Forward to Warmer Days

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One of the best ways to give your home a stylish edge, with the advantage of enjoying your garden whatever the weather, is to add a glazed veranda. The benefits of a glazed veranda are manifold, even when the conditions outside are cold and wet or even icy. With one of these home additions, the area at the rear of the home will remain safe and comfortable, with no risk of slipping on wet surfaces or ice. No more stepping outside onto an ice rink!

The inside will remain frost free, and available for gatherings, relaxing and or somewhere sheltered to smoke. They can be decorated with plants, rugs, furniture and effective lighting, and can also be heated for optimum functionality. The wonders of a snow covered or frosted garden can be experienced from indoors, without frozen toes or a blue nose. You will gain an extra room for use by all the family to read, play, work or just enjoy, as well as adding value to your property. Believe it or not many people like the novelty of barbecuing their Christmas dinner, and a veranda is an ideal place for this.

Of course the most suitable time of year for verandas is the spring and summer, allowing you to appreciate the outdoors and watch the seasonal changes occurring. In the warm weather the doors can be opened wide providing unlimited access to the sights, sounds and smells of the garden. The earlier your veranda is installed, the better, so that everything is in place by the time spring arrives.

The pleasure and health benefits gained from gardens is well documented, and widely accepted, demonstrated by the emergence of new garden villages throughout the UK. These villages form part of a scheme which includes garden towns and garden cities. The word ‘garden’ indicates a heightened living experience for those who love being at one with nature. The housing crisis is set to be alleviated somewhat, and there are also advantages for building contractors within the UK with this type of government funded scheme.

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