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5 Reasons to Choose Flush Fitting Windows

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We can all agree that everybody is different and has different tastes when it comes to most things such as the style of their home décor. Every now and again though, a product comes along that is so beautifully designed, that not many can resist. This has been the case with flush fitting windows by Liniar, which have taken the double glazing world by storm. These innovative windows offer two main types, the R9 which are flush on the outside and have a traditional interior, and the R7 which features a flush inner and outer.

These window systems have become incredibly popular, partly due to their chic and streamlined looks, which will enhance any property. Here are some of the other reasons that home owners are choosing Liniar flush fitting windows:-

  • Aesthetically pleasing – One of their stand out qualities is their unique look, with sleek, unobtrusive lines that leave other designs standing. They can be used with astragal Georgian bars for a stunning period look, or rock an ultimately contemporary feel. Either way they will provide an extremely impressive façade for any home.
  • Can be used in conservation areas – Flush fitting windows perfectly replicate the look and feel of timber, which is a requirement where conservation is a priority. Being available in a wide range of colours makes them exceptionally versatile. The fact that they can seamlessly create a traditional look while remaining maintenance free is a major advantage.
  • High performance windows – These bespoke windows feature some of the most advanced technology in the industry such as multi-chambered profiles for thermal efficiency and high performance double action gaskets. They have superior locking systems and excellent energy ratings up to WER A+14.
  • Lead free, recyclable systems – these windows are environmentally friendly, will help lower your fuel bills and will last many years.
  • Secured by Design – Liniar flush fitting windows have Secured by Design status, meaning they are a police preferred product. They are a great choice for your pocket, comfort and security.

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