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rsRoller shutters have long been used as a highly secure and cost effective solution to protecting any property, particularly in the commercial and industrial sector. They have a complex coil mechanism, and are constructed from 75mm galvanised steel, reliably securing doors and windows.

Traditionally used within commercial and retail settings, this type of product is being increasingly used for domestic applications. Lighter versions are popular for this type of private use, allowing home-owners to spend time away from home either on holiday or business trips, happy in the knowledge that not many intruders will tackle a roller shutter! Some people opt to fit roller shutters to the rear of the building as this is often out of sight and consequently seen as more vulnerable. When not in use roller shutters can be rolled up discreetly giving a neat and tidy appearance.

Business owners can also leave their property knowing that store contents are safe and secure. Outdoor retail areas are sometimes subject to damage and vandalism especially when situated within a town centre. A night out on the town for some often includes breaking the odd window or vandalising properties in other ways. This can be stressful for business owners, not to mention costly and inconvenient. The worst anybody can do to a robust roller shutter is spray on some graffiti, this will not even be seen by customers once the shutters are rolled up, and the problem can be removed when there is time.

An often overlooked factor is that roller shutters even offer additional advantages such as an insulation boosting barrier keeping fuel costs down a little. This extra layer helps to prevent heat loss in the winter and reduces the need for air conditioning in the summer. Roller shutters also provide privacy where desired, especially if stores have large revealing windows. Roller shutter doors generally put the home, organisation or business owner in control with regards security, noise reduction and amount of UV rays entering the building.

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